Tuesday, January 17, 2012

pastry fear: conquered!

Andy does all our cooking.  He enjoys it and is good at it.  (Yeah, I have it good.  I know.)  I do like to make the type of thing that's in one dish and requires lots of chopping and slow cooking (I make a mean bolognese), and I do like to bake.  Which is a bit weird because I'm more of a savory person than a sweets person.  Anyway.  I've been avoiding recipes that require making pastry from scratch, ever since a disastrous experience with making gnocchi a few years back.  (Yeah, I know, gnocchi isn't really pastry, but dough, pastry--anything involving flour being worked into another delicious substance makes me nervous.)

We came into possession of a huge surplus of apples from the farmer down the road, and so I decided to try something a bit more challenging than the usual apple crisp.  Enter the simplest apple tart recipe from smitten kitchen.  (That recipe name inspires confidence.)  Though I had one moment of panic as I was peeling the rolled-out dough up from the table, it really was fairly easy and turned out tasty.  (And looks very cute with all the sliced up apples crowded together, too!)

Yum.  Next maybe I'll try a savory tart.



  1. oh this is brilliant, I share your fears and after Christmas announced to J and house guest I was making a leftovers pot pie with homemade pastry...they went for a walk and came back with a packet of pastry for me. non-believers!
    I shall give it a whirl, you have given me strength to succeed! x

  2. Have no fear! My best advice is to always read a recipe through from beginning to end before you even take the bag of flour out of the cupboard. That way you don't reach a moment where the recipe says "chill the dough for 12 hours before rolling out" when you thought you were about to make a dessert for two hours later. Ha! Your tart looks awesome lady. Nice work. Perfectly browned. Also.... you have a good friend who will always answer any and all baking questions.... all you have to do is email. ;)

  3. I am the same way. My husband does all of the cooking. He's good at it, and he enjoys it. I do not- so it just works out. I do enjoy baking, however. I made a fritatta the other day, and it turned out great. I felt so proud (dorky, right?)
    These photos are lovely.

  4. That looks super tasty!
    You're a much braver and talented kitchen lady than me. I'm more of a store bought pastry girl. ;)

  5. It looks really really good, I got a real sweet tooth send that over haha! Glad you're conquering your fear

  6. my husband cooks, too!!! and i'm the baker as well. i need to give this a try. i'm also going to attempt pie one of these days ...

  7. Looks good! I love apples in anything and everything! And pasty! Love pastry.

    I'm trying to imagine what it would be like to not have to cook.... :-) I wouldn't have a blog anymore!


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