Wednesday, January 4, 2012

december inspirations

December seemed to fly by, yet I still found time to be inspired by these beautiful images.  I obviously want to go live in an old Swedish farmhouse--this isn't the first one to show up on my radar.  (If you like what you see here, you might also want to follow my Tumblr.)

1. London street style. (The Streethearts)
2. Gorgeous, only slightly renovated, 1920s farmhouse in Osterlen, Sweden. (Quite Continental)
3. British Sea-Fishermen book cover. (emerging artist2008)
4. Olive green velvet coat, Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2012. (RDuJour)
5. A group of skiers at Mt. Kosciusko, circa 1932. (New South Wales State Library)
6. Anchor button. (blue water / black heart)



  1. I love photo #5! It looks so real, fun, and honest. These photos remind me a wonderful get away at a bed and breakfast ski lodge

  2. Lovin this inspiration, the bedroom photo is gorgeous!

  3. I love everything! Totally inspirational!

  4. It's funny how something as simple as a button can be so wonderful.

  5. Karen are you on Pinterest yet? I could see you really pulling together some great image collections on there.

  6. my God, i love that hat!
    and i want a button like that ....
    and i'm rhyming :)
    i'm sure i'm following you on tumblr, but i just don't visit there often since Pinterest. i was using tumblr to park things i wanted to remember & pinterest lets me organize them so much more.
    don't really need that hat in tucson, though.

  7. You Pinterest people are scaring me! I really love Tumblr and I so do not have another spare second in my life to start up Pinterest.



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