Friday, January 13, 2012

return of the printer tray

Remember the printer tray (or drawer) that Andy hung on the wall for me in September?  That I found at a thrift last February?  It's okay if you don't.  Well, I've finally started to fill it up, so I thought I'd show it to you again.

It's brilliant for smaller perfume bottles (and my little self-labeled decants).  Most of my larger, more commercial perfumes are in bottles too big to fit on it.  But I love how my little bottle of 10 Corso Como (with the red cap) looks there.

Andy found that little circus dog figurine for me.  I've also discovered that rings look awfully cute displayed on the shelves.



  1. This is really cute, Karen! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Oooh! This is the cutest. I would have never thought to use a printer tray for cosmetics. Makes so much sense!

  3. Such a great display piece! I want to reach up and smell all the different fragrances.

  4. Looks much more glam than ours filled with robots, army men & action figures !

  5. Your vanity area looks great! This is such a great way to organize. I'm one of those huge-bottle-of-perfume people (I wear one scent 99% of the time, so I buy in bulk!), but I love the rings and figurine--that would definitely work for me.

  6. This is making me want to go scent shopping. It's been a long time. I have been sticking put with one perfume for almost a year!


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