Tuesday, January 24, 2012

street style, the wintry 1990s edition

I keep seeing summery, bare-legged looks in the street style blogs that I follow.  I don't know if it's just a really warm winter everywhere, if these blogs happen to be shooting in warmer countries, or if they're just reposting old photos because it's hard to get good street style looks when everyone is all bundled up.  I happen to love coats and winter fashion, though.  (Actually one blog that always has a lot of folks on the streets in coats and scarves is Helsinki's Hel-Looks.)  Here are some of the street style looks that have caught my eye since I last did this back in November.

London (Style Sight).  Great layering, cute shoes, plaid!  Pretty great hair, too.

Kater of All This Happiness.  I just love everything about this.  The soft blue and gray together, the length of the skirt, the flats, the cute bag.  And the beret!  I am really digging berets lately.

Barcelona (Face Hunter).  So sassy.  I love the plaid pants and scarf.  And the short bangs remind me of myself in the 90s.  (I'm seeing a lot of looks lately that harken back to things I wore in the 90s, and they aren't disturbing to me in the way that 80s fashion reruns are.)

Berlin (Style/Clicker).  She looks a little like Elizabeth McGovern!  I love the deep green plaid coat paired with the floral dress.  And the cool bag.  And the beret!

Helsinki (Hel-Looks).  This one is a last minute addition.  Although she is totally cute, I'm mainly including this because I'm pretty sure I used to own that coat (or its twin)!  I recognize the pumpkin color and the buttons.  I bought it at a J. Crew sample sale (probably in the late 1990s).  Change the Docs to black, pants to jeans or a dress, and hair to a reddish bob--and it's me in 1995!



  1. Thank you for doing a post on winter street style! It's so tough right now to look at anything in the summer sun when I'm stuck in snow. My favorite outfit is of the second picture, so sweet and vintage!

  2. Thank you for this post, I'm having the winter fashion blues right now. Looking at these lovely ladies is giving me a lot of style inspiration (that will keep me warm too!)

  3. Sorry for the double post, but I just realized you're from the Mitten too! You would know firsthand about all about this crazy winter weather.

  4. I love the second look too. Such a cute, stylish and comfortable ensemble. I think you'd look totally cute in a beret. Perhaps while wearing a pumpkin coloured coat? :D


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