Friday, January 6, 2012

sheep to chevrons

A little shop update with a cute novelty sheep sweater, some great jackets, a perfect 1940s black dress, and a fab jeweltone chevron stripe skirt--all coming to the shop shortly!

Novelty black sheep sweater.

1960s green and gold plaid wool fitted jacket, by John Meyer of Norwich.

1970s kelly green Izod shirt dress, by David Crystal.

1950s blue plaid kilt, by Mode O'Day.

1970s space dyed snowflake cardigan.

1940s black crepe dress with illusion neckline, by Terri Green.

1950s jade green cardigan.

1960s rococo print dress, by Anika.

1970s pleated wool chevron stripe skirt.

1940s gabardine jacket with velvet collar, by Moordale.



  1. Love the sheep sweater, it's so cute and reminds me of the 'black sheep' saying.

  2. Eek I echo the sentiments of the other comments, the sheep sweater is genius! What size is it?? Best. novelty print. EVER.

  3. The 1940s jacket is super cute. I also love the chevron skirt. Good finds!!


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