Wednesday, February 2, 2011

i've got wheels and you want to go for a ride

I might just name all the blog posts after Magnetic Fields lyrics this month. I listened to 69 Love Songs over and over again while we were on our road trip last weekend, so it's kind of stuck in my head.

Mega icicles! There was tons of snow up north, and even more fell while we were there, but the driving wasn't bad at all--probably because folk there are used to driving in the snow. Winter isn't high tourist season up north (which is why it's the best time to go!).

We ate breakfast two days in a row at our favorite place, Patisserie Amie. Mmmm.

Andy waiting on breakfast. I love the colors here so much I didn't do anything to this photo besides putting the frame around it.

Here's the delicious omelette we split before we had Breakfast Dessert.

Dessert was a Le Tigre cake (it had chocolate and almonds) and a lemon tart, with big dollops of whipped cream on the side. (We also enjoyed delicious dinners at two other favorites--La Bécasse and Trattoria Stella.)

Here I am freezing but trying to look nonchalant in a thrift store parking lot.

The only vintage thing I'm wearing here is this pretty bejeweled lucky clover pin, which belonged to my grandmother.

We found lots of great vintage on this trip, but the only thing I'm showing you right now is something I'm keeping for myself. I found this old printer's tray at one of our very last stops. I want to hang it on the wall somewhere--maybe the bedroom?--and fill it with jewelry and wee tchotchkes.



  1. Oh the art of trying to look like you're not freezing! You do a convincing job. Also, what a darling pin!

  2. I'll take alllllll of those sweet treats, please. ;)
    p.s. I LOVE that box, and your idea for it is perfect. Take pics when you're done, would love to see how it goes for you.

  3. breakfast dessert! you're a woman after my own heart :)

  4. OMG that printers tray!!! Fabulous score!

  5. I love printer's trays! I've been keeping my eyes out for one for myself, but so far no dice. :)

  6. Mmmmmmm...breakfast dessert! Almost as yummy as that printer's tray!


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