Thursday, November 3, 2011

the wicker man

I didn't get to watch it on Halloween as I'd planned, but I've finally been able to see The Wicker Man.  I'd been wanting to see this cult classic horror fillm for ages.  It's about the inhabitants of a Scottish island who practice a form of paganism that includes ritual sacrifice.  Though called a "horror" film, I didn't find it particularly scary.  It's more creepy than anything else.  The islanders, while not exactly good guys, are bawdy and quite funny.  And there is some amazing imagery in the film.

Heh, heh.

Lots of great animal masks in the film.

Hand candle!

 The badger is carrying a boy made out of bread that was baked in a casket.  Yep.

I could do a whole separate post about Lord Summerisle's (Christopher Lee) hair.



  1. Sounds like a creepy movie and one I hadn't heard of. I do agree the animal masks are quite fantastic.

  2. I've never seen this because I'm not a huge fan of most horror movies. However, this one looks kinda awesome. Plus, it has Christopher Lee, so that makes it even better, right?

  3. Lauren, it's really not like any other "horror" movie I've seen! Definitely worth checking out.

  4. scary! I don't like horror films as they creep me out too much! Check out my bonfire post today!

    Love from

  5. these pictures give me the chills! That foreskins one especially. eeeek! I've never heard of this but will definitely check to see if it's on Netflix!

  6. I remember first watching this with a bunch of people at Fordham...I think in Nick's room, but I'm not sure. Freshman year, maybe? Just watched it for the second time a couple months ago with Steve...and we loved it for all its crazy creepy absurdity...and it's goofy "hero."


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