Friday, November 4, 2011

october inspirations

I love October.  It means cool weather beginning, whisky cocktails, cozy fashion--and spookiness!  Here's a little look back at what caught my eye last month.

1. The Savoy Cocktail Book by Harry Craddock, 1930.  I need a copy--what a great illustration on the cover.  (via The Vintage Traveler and Vintage Seekers)
2. Noah Taylor in Submarine (2010).  I loved Noah Taylor when I saw him in the coming-of-age film The Year My Voice Broke, and though I've seen him in other movies since, I was particularly excited to see him in Richard Ayoade's adaptation of Joe Dunthorne's novel.  I loved the book (it's set in Wales in 1986--around the same time I "came of age") and definitely recommend reading it and seeing the film.
3. Gorgeous lacy London street style.  I'm into lace and crochet lately and want to incorporate more of it in my wardrobe. (Street Style Aesthetic)
4. Buster Keaton and a cute little pig. (Oh My Tweedy Steed)
5. Sampler by Bonifasa Flores, circa 1860. (Benton County Museum)
6. Mix and match tweed, from a 1938 Life magazine article about Harris tweed.  I've been obsessed with Harris tweed all month, an obsession I don't see going anywhere soon.

1. Still from Salem's Lot (1979), directed by Tobe Hooper.  I remember when this was first broadcast.  I was 10, and I somehow doubt I was allowed to watch it, but I remember one of my friends had, and told us all about it at a slumber party--maybe we even watched some of it then.  I eventually did see the whole miniseries, and it is scary, as is the Stephen King novel.
2. Row of Trees by Jan Mankes, 1915.
3. The Darker Drink by C. Yarnall Abbott, 1908.  (via Photo Seed)
5. Illustration by Hugh Thomson from 1910 edition of Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor. (via
6. Hilarious (and so true) redesign of The Jungle by Upton Sinclair by Char Gwizdala, via my favorite new (to me) Tumblr, Better Book Titles.
7. Still from Dracula, 1931.

If you enjoy these, you can see more of my inspirations on a daily basis at my Tumbler, alwaysthesea.


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