Wednesday, November 16, 2011

fancy legs

I saw this image of patterned stockings from Life magazine on Tumblr the other day, and I've had legwear envy ever since.  I used to have a couple plaid pairs similar to 1895 in the late 1980s/early 1990s.  They looked awesome with my combat boots!  Right now, my patterned legwear runs to a couple pair of pointelle/crocheted tights (though I also own fishnets that I never wear).  I'd love to have all of the pairs shown above, though.  Do you wear patterned or printed legwear?  Do you have a favorite brand for tights?

I did a little internet searching for patterned tights and turned up these nifty options.

Anna Sui flower crochet tights from Sock Dreams.

Look from London peacock feather tights, from ModCloth.

Textile tights, Hansel from Basel.

Paisley Due tights, Hansel from Basel.



  1. Those tights look just dreamy! I've always been afraid of tights only because they tend to cut into my body and the tight lines can be easily seen through some of my more fitted clothing. I do enjoy a good polka dot pattern or anything simple.

  2. gorgeous! i love the ones from 1900 best.

  3. I adore patterned leg wear but I don't adore my legs. I don't mean that as some sort of self-hate comment, just that I have other, better features. So i have a couple of pairs of tights that are patterned but I keep them more "muted" than my personality might usually dictate. I'm amazed at the variety being shown at such early dates in that photo. I had no idea!

  4. Wow, the peacock thighs!! The 1900 stockings are lovely too.

  5. Ah tights! Oh how I love them!

  6. OOh, I'll take the paisley pinks. :-)
    Great vintage photo too.
    dahlila xo

  7. Love patterned tights, especially those 1900's patterned styles. If I could only figure out how to wear them more than once without a snag!


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