Tuesday, November 22, 2011

our new home

Small Earth Vintage finds have been available for years now not just on the internets, but also in a variety of fine vintage shops from Ann Arbor, Michigan to Montpelier, Vermont.  Andy and I have been wanting to branch out a bit beyond consignment though...to be able to sell in a brick and mortar space, but without the great expense and responsibility of our own store.  Well, we've found the perfect place here in Grand Rapids--Lost & Found.

We've been fans of Lost & Found since they opened.  Mark and Christian run the store--which is located in an old furniture factory--and have it beautifully merchandised with an amazing selection of industrial, mid century modern, and primitive furnishings and antiques.  I always kind of want to move in when I visit.

I want that rug!

Isn't this awesome?  An old lighted sign advertising the various dining areas in Grand Rapids' old Pantlind Hotel.  I totally want to have a cocktail in the Cypress Cellar!

We stopped in for a visit Friday night.  I'm wearing one of my favorite new finds: a black eyelet lace dress.  With pockets!

Here's Andy in the pea coat I made him start wearing.  Handsome!

And finally, here's a peek at our corner of Lost & Found.

If you're in Grand Rapids stop by and visit!  Lost & Found is located just south of downtown at 445 Century SW (check out their Facebook page for more information on them and their location; they regularly post great new finds there).  We'll be loading our space up with some pretty cocktail and party dresses soon, to have on hand for the Lost & Found holiday open house on December 2 and 3.



  1. Hey I've been there! It is a great spot and your booth looks super. Great merchandizing! I hope you get lots of happy shoppers.

  2. oh man what a cool spot! so cool to have your finds all merchandised together, they get a whole new 'life' don't they! wish I could drop by lady! x

  3. Looks so cute! Love the patchwork umbrella on the ceiling... best of luck!

  4. wow, looks awesome! I want that sinner welcome sign....and who is that lady on the poster? looks pretty cool.

    I want to visit!

  5. That is Raquel Welch on the poster. She is for sale!

  6. Congrats Doll! The place looks so neat and fun to browse.

  7. Karen, I love your dress! especially with those little metallic t-strap heels. Haven't yet been to lost and found, but thanks for letting me know about it. I think the only shop I've been to over there is Scavenger Hunt.

    p.s. "Here's Andy in the pea coat I made him start wearing." Lol! :D

  8. I love shops like this! I could spend days in them looking through all of the wonderful things on display. I wish I could visit Lost & Found and have a wander through your corner.

  9. Great news! Congratulations to you two :)

  10. I'm been to Lost & Found and loved the other vintage shops in the same area too! Can't wait to see more photos of your space in the future, what an exciting venture for you.

  11. My absolute favorite type of shopping venue. I'm sure you are a terrific fit for the place.

  12. That's a fabulous dress! Congrats on the retail space--looks like a great store. Let's get that drink at the Cypress Cellar. :-)


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