Tuesday, November 8, 2011

street style

I love street style blogs, and I think I get the most fashion inspiration from these "real girls" on the street.  Here are some of my favorites from September and October.  You might notice a lot of these come from London.  I admit to being an Anglophile, but also--I really do have an affinity for the way the ladies of Great Britain dress.  They seem to like vintage, aren't always overly polished, and embrace a bit of eccentricity.

Louise of Pandora, via The Clothes Horse.

London street style, via Style/Clicker.

London street style, via The Style Scout.

Either London or New York fashion week, via Stylesight.

Milan fashion week street style, via Facehunter.

Helsinki street style, via Hel-Looks.

Paris fashion week, via British Vogue.

London fashion week street style, via Style/Clicker.



  1. Louise is great! Love all the girls you posted here, so classy and chic:)

  2. these are awesome karen, thanks for posting.

  3. love these! i especially adore the second one for some reason. i feel like a much more ballsy version of myself would wear something like that

  4. The girl in the plaid dress is completely adorable! And the girl in the last pink dress! She is amazing! Love her style.

  5. The plaid dress and the girl with red flower sweater have there style down to art.

  6. Look at these fabulous ladies! Makes me so sad I don't live in London...


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