Monday, November 28, 2011

goin' out west where the wind blows tall

Eurailpass train travel, July 1970, photo by Carlo Bavagnoli, via Life archives.

Small Earth Vintage is taking a small vacation.  No, we won't be train traveling around Europe (I wish!), but rather automobiling it out west to visit my parents.  Doesn't this photo make train travel look fun?

We'll be away from Wednesday, November 30 until Thursday, December 8.  The Etsy shop will remain open, so feel free to shop, but tomorrow is my last day to ship.  All orders received before 2:00 pm EST tomorrow, November 29, will ship tomorrow.  Otherwise, orders will ship when we return on December 8.



  1. that photo is so cute!
    have a great and inspiring get-away roadtrip ;)

  2. Have a lovely vacation! I'd love to travel by train through Europe too. Going on the Trans-Siberian is a dream of mine. :)

  3. Have a wonderful, safe, and exciting trip!!!

  4. enjoy your holiday! i'm sure it's well deserved. i hope it's a relaxing & fun filled time for you. xo.

  5. Have a great time! Love the train-travel photo. I'd like to take a "real" overnight train ride sometime.


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