Monday, November 28, 2011

late autumn light

Those who celebrated: was your Thanksgiving good?  Mine was very nice.  This Thomas Keller leek bread pudding was my favorite part of the meal (along with leftover turkey/cranberry sandwiches).   

Our friend Stephani came to visit, and we checked out the very cool Warrington Colescott exhibit at the Grand Rapids Art Museum.  I love this wool cape Stephani is didn't come from Small Earth Vintage, but her shoes did.  My outfit is all old stuff, but the vintage fur collar and gray wool jacket are newer acquisitions.  

I love how the light and shadows looked outside the museum on the afternoon we were there.

You'll see in the next photo why we look all squinty here.  The fur collar is (only partially) due to my Game of Thrones obsession.  We spent the holiday drinking Manhattans and watching GoT, which Stephani hadn't seen.  I was in nerd heaven.

Speaking of Game of Thrones and fashion (well, hipsters, anyway)...

Goodness, I love Hipster Jon Snow!



  1. Looks like a very nice day. Great skirt!

  2. Okay, I just can't get over your shoes. I'm a huge t-strap fan!

  3. agree with lizzie, i LOVE those shoes...the color! the t-strap! swoooon!

  4. Hahaha! Hipster Jon Snow is totally RAD! :D
    I love both of your outfits. The cape/wrap is gorgeous and Karen, you are always so beautifully coordinated!

  5. I haven't seen Game of Thrones, either! I guess that's one more thing to put on my Netflix queue. Love your skirt!


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