Friday, November 11, 2011

fancy dress

I commented on Twitter last night that I think this latest shop preview might be too fancy for me.  But now that I look it over, it's really not--especially with the holidays (and holiday parties) coming up.  And there's a lot of "meat" (i.e. everyday wear) in this preview, too.

The first and last dresses kill me, by the way.

Look for these in the shop soon!

1950s party dress with asymmetric hem bubble skirt.

1970s tribal pattern sweater.

1960s Azteca print dress.

1950s navy blue squiggle embroidered evening jacket.

1940s wine red Arthur Weiss dress with gathered button-back peplum and belt.

1950s red plaid wool skirt, Chestnut Hill by St. Mary's.

1960s olive green wool and brown houndstooth dress, by Majestic.

1940s embroidered and beaded shawl neck wool sweater.

1940s pewter gray silk suit with mushroom and flower print, and velvet and rhinestone collar.

1950s mink stole or capelet, by Capitol Fur Co.

1970s gingham taffeta maxi/halter dress with satin collar, Young Edwardian by Arpeja.

Men's Pendleton red wool plaid robe.

1950s cornflower blue party dress embroidered with silver thread, and with a rhinestone decoration at the neckline, by Henry-Lee.



  1. Oh my gosh, I just love the tribal pattern dress and that cute red plaid skirt! You sure do have an eye for discovering the best vintage pieces! I hope you are treating yourself to keeping a few ;)

  2. peplums & plaid, tribal & aztec! wonderful! My favorite of all might be the bubble skirt though. What a great dress!

  3. A little bit fancy! YAY!


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