Monday, November 7, 2011

who wore it better?

Me, or... me?  Yeah, I'm posting an outfit post and it's nearly exactly the same as the last outfit post I did here, which was at the beginning of October.  Whoops.  So who wore it better?  November me, above?

Or October me, below?

My vote goes to November Me.  She has a relatively fresh new haircut, and doesn't have a bulky jacket on.  No surprise that in both photos I'm carrying my very favorite purse, a velvet tapestry bag from an antique mall last summer.  Oh, and apparently I like t-strap shoes and patterned tights.

I honestly didn't realize until I had already uploaded the photos that I wore this dress in my last outfit post.  It's relatively new, a 1950s dress that came from an estate buy this summer.  You can't really see it in the photos, but it's a sheer-ish voile, with pintucks on the bodice.  So yes--a closet way too full of vintage dresses, and I wear the same thing again and again.

Also, what you can't see very well on November Me is my new necklace from ThatOldBlueHouse2 on Etsy, so I took another picture of it.  Lisa uses vintage lace, fabrics, buttons, and marbles to make her jewelry.  I'd been wanting one of her lace necklaces for ages, but I fell in love with the trim she used for this one and had to have it!  It's gorgeous and so well made.  [And I've now edited this post to show the necklace correct side forward!]

I promise--the next outfit post will have me in something new.  Well, new-to-me.



  1. October because "You're never fully dressed without a smile." =0)

  2. I'm loving November you too. (love navy and black together.)

    Also, cute new haircut!

  3. you're so cute! This makes me laugh. (me, :D
    Love the outfit in both, especially those fun shoes in two different colors! Great bag too, Karen!

  4. I like the November...but did you notice, it looks like your tapping your left foot in both photot lol!!! btw, I am so happy you love the necklace, but you have photo'd the backside!!!

  5. Hah! Lisa, I'm sure I am tapping it--I am very impatient with having my photo taken!

    Wait, I did photo it backwards? It looks pretty to me from either side. I'll have to take a closer look.

  6. I'm another vote for the November you! The dress looks perfect teamed with black card/jacket I'm a big fan of the whole colour palette. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a having a patterned tight and t-strap obsession! How many pairs of t-straps do you have?

    Also, I know what you mean about having a wardrobe full of dresses but only wearing a few over, and over, and over again! :D

  7. I learned pretty early on that the most stylish people usually have a uniform. so! go october AND november you. x

  8. November Karen! I think the lion in the background agrees, too :)

  9. Where do you get such cute t-strap shoes in so many colors? I've been looking everywhere, with no luck.


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