Monday, November 21, 2011

red and black

It's starting to look rather festive here--a lot of red and black in this shop preview!  All these items are coming to the shop shortly.

1940s cranberry crepe plissé party dress.

Floral pointelle cream fringed sweater cape.

1960s green and navy blue houndstooth wool dress, by Majestic.

1960s embroidered red cardigan with satin trim.

1930s black crepe dress with velvet collar and rhinestone embellishments.

1950s red velvet full skirt.

Sequin bodice party dress, Pellini by Von Bramlett.

1950s child's buffalo and cowboy cardigan.

1950s ice blue lace party dress with satin and rhinestone bow.

1950s red diamond pointelle sweater, by Talbott.

1960s navy blue knit dress with belt, by Rodier.

1950s plaid taffeta party skirt with velvet waistband, by Rosecrest.

1940s black crepe evening dress with rhinestone and beaded collar.

Pendleton green and red plaid vest.

1960s lace mini dress; matching jacket has a big satin bow on the back.

1950s red plaid corduroy pencil skirt.

1940s pewter gray whitecaps on a a stormy sea dress with rhinestone buttons.



  1. I wish that buffalo cardigan came in adult sizes!!

  2. those pieces look dreamy and justp erfect for the holiday season. I would love feature some of them in my up and coming blog about vintage holiday season styles!!

  3. LOVE the black and white plaid taffeta skirt!

  4. I think Jenny just read my thoughts. ;) What a ridiculously cool cardigan!!


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