Tuesday, February 14, 2012

new camera

The old camera was dying a slow death, so we upgraded to a new one.  Nothing fancy, but still better than what we had (and about half the price and half the size of the old one).  I am now shooting with a wee Canon PowerShot Elph 100HS.  I haven't dropped it...yet.

I decided to practice with it on some of my most treasured things--pretty beaded bags and jewelry passed down to me from my grandma.

I wore this locket as a child--and still do!

The macro on this definitely works.  I didn't even see the "ALLCO" mark (indicating this was made by A.L. Lindroth) on the inside of the locket until I saw this photo.

I love this pin, and will have to remember to wear it on St. Patrick's Day.  I remember being told as a child that I should wear red on St. Patrick's Day because I was German.  I have no idea why, though!

I also took it out with me on our Valentine date this weekend, testing the low light setting (not a setting I'll likely use often).  Andy I played some pinball at The Pyramid Scheme--that's the floor, there.

 ...and we had cocktails at the Viceroy (you can see Steven, bartender extraordinaire, in the background).  Andy looks so cute and mod in his necktie!

Artsy bar shot.



  1. Wonderful! Have fun with your new camera - your photos have always been great....

  2. You two are adorable, Karen. Both lookin' so classy! Love your jewelry, especially that pin. I need a new camera too! Hoping that tax refund will make that wish come true, we'll see.

  3. YAY! for new camera!!!
    Your grandma's purses and jewellery pieces are so beautiful.

  4. Great pics! And that locket is darling - ALLCO is a sought-after mark, too. Thanks for sharing these beautiful things.

  5. New cameras are so exciting! I've only ever had Canons and I've loved every single one. I'd like to go back to shooting with my 70s Rebel, but the film and processing have gotten so expensive! I guess I need to save up for the digital one...

  6. Your close-ups are great! And I love the inside-at-night shots - full of atmosphere!

  7. love the pics and you and A are as always, adorable!! love this post!

  8. man do I wish we had snow here, twice only this winter! hey 'see' you in a few weeks...and have fun
    playing with that camera!


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