Friday, February 24, 2012

the cloche

As a Richard Armitage superfan (or soldier in the Armitage Army, if you prefer), I have made it my business to fully explore the man's ouevre.  Which means watching every available production he's been in, no matter how minor the part.  Even if he sports a cheesy little mustache and plays a smarmy bastard.  Malice Aforethought (a 2006 Mystery! production based on the 1931 novel by Frances Iles) wasn't a terrible strain, however.  I never mind getting to watch and hear Richard Armitage.  And I'm not sure there's much I love more than a cozy murder mystery set in 1920s-1930s England. 

I expected to see some lovely fashions in this production, but what really stood out was the variety of cloche hats.  For someone like me who rarely wears a hat (though I do try), it's hard to imagine a time when hats were not just something to keep your head warm on a freezing day, but an integral part of your ensemble, one that wasn't removed when you were indoors.  (Also, you can see how this gal has moved up in the world since marrying Armitage's character, who apparently has a lot of money.  Here she wears furs and a velvet cloche, whereas previous to the marriage she wears a simpler felt cloche or a beret.)

Love both the hat and the printed velvet coat here.

Trial scenes: great for viewing large groups of ladies and their headgear.

I loved the variety of cloches on display throughout this production, some simple, others decorated with fanciful folds or trim.

Not a cloche, but a really cute beret and coat.



  1. Thanks for reminding me I need to watch this one! I saw the first part of it on Mystery and never saw the conclusion. I've just added it to my Netflix queue.

    What an amazing collection of hats! Malice Aforethought would be worth the watch just for the costumes!

  2. Such lovely and amazing costumes. The hats are darling :) Makes me wish I had one haha

  3. cloches are my favorite type of hat! i have sort of a big head, so hats i find NEVER fit me, which is sad. but anyways, 20/30s fashion is quite darling and i love period movies--i will have to watch this one!

  4. Cloches are my favourite type of hat although I always think they look a little silly on me because of my short hair.

    The blond lass in these pics reminds me of Naomi Watts in King Kong. They both look so perfectly beautiful in cloches.

  5. I would swear some of those Cloches are being worn backwards! I don't remember seeing any pictures of them where the little cut out was worn in front, it was worn in back to accomodate the neck. I could be wrong though.


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