Monday, February 27, 2012

post Oscar shop preview

I watched the Oscars last night (which you'll know if you follow my Twitter feed).  I love movies, but as years pass, I seem to get less enjoyment out of watching these award shows.  I do not think--based on the nominations and often, the winners--that they mean anything much at all. 

I also can't say I was super inspired by any of the fashions I saw this year.  I can't recall being excited by any Oscar fashion since Michelle Williams wore that great saffron yellow gown, but I'm not really all that much into Oscar style glam anyway.  Still, it was cool to see the wins for Hugo and The Artist, two of the better films I saw this year (both of which have great period settings and costumes, as well).  I was also happy that The Shore won for best live action short film.  Andy and I saw all the live action shorts on Saturday; if you get a chance to see them, you should check them out.  (Tuba Atlantic was particularly good, also.)

Alright, enough about the silly awards ceremony.  Here's an epic preview of what's coming to the shop this week!

1960's L'Aiglon candy stripe dress.

1960s tapestry print cropped blouse, by Jo Matthews.

1940s gray chevron stripe suit by Lilli Ann.

1950s black silk blouse by Le Charme.

1960s tropical flower print shift with bow neck.

1950s red plaid skirt with belt, by Petti-gree.

1950s dot print cotton dress with Peter Pan collar.

1960s red floral print blouse, by The Villager.

Bohemian black floral print dress with woven bodice and bell sleeves.

1970s Levi's denim blazer.

1950s brick red shantung dress by Herman Marcus.

1950s yellow rose print blouse by Macshore Classics.

1960s robin's egg blue piqué dress with roll collar and bow.

1940s black sequin jacket.

1950s spring flowers dress, by Shelton Stroller.

Space dyed sweater vest.

1960s blue abstract print dress, by Pennypacker.

1960s mid century barkcloth print cotton blouse.

1950s gray tufted thread dress with scattered rhinestones and piqué trim.



  1. It was fun tweeting the Oscars last night. So happy The Artist got some nods...but I do still need to watch Mr. Oldman in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

    There's some great finds here. Loving the first and last dresses!

  2. i agree w/ some pretty "safe" dresses worn at this years oscars. my favorite exciting thing to see was michelle william's hot pink alligator clutch!
    i love hugo. <3 i didn't see the little boy actor anywhwere...he was amazing!anyways your new items are fantastic!!!!!! way better than the boring oscar-wear (:

  3. the ceremony itself was boooooring. I'll take ricky gervais and his inappropriateness any day. :)

  4. GORGEOUS Lilli Ann suit!

    The Oscars is never shown live in Australia so when I found out it was being broadcast live on free-to-air in HK I had to watch it and see what all the fuss was about. Apart from loving some of the dresses, I agree that the ceremony wasn't really that attention grabbing! I was really happy The Artist won and the little dog getting up on stage was a highlight for me. :)

    I think the worst red carpet comment of the night I heard was about Rooney Mara being "Audrey Hepburn meets punk". ERK!

  5. Kim, that boy was SO good in Hugo. Weird that he wasn't there. I was happy for The Artist, but I think I would have liked to see Hugo get best picture.

    I agree with M--it's a lot more fun when someone like Gervais is hosting!

    T, I think the red carpet commentary is some of the most cringe-worthy stuff you'll ever hear. I don't even understand why Rooney Mara was nominated. She was fine in that movie, but so was Noomi Rapace in the original. This new version was good, but basically a remake of the already good original, with better looking actors.

    The Oscars just puzzle me!

  6. Agreed that the Oscars seem to be less and less enjoyable. I used to watch it in high school and then never had the time in college and really just got out of the habit. A few years ago, Paul and I switched it on and thought we were going to die of boredom, so we switched it right back off! I suppose I'm being a bit of a cynical curmudgeon, but it seems like the Oscars (and the Super Bowl) are just a way to get people in front of the TV for a long amount of time so companies can advertise to a captive audience. The older I get the more I loathe commercials!

  7. Oh wow - this is a gorgeous preview! I love not only the already sold L'Aiglon candy stripe dress (SO cute!!) but also the robin's egg blue one, the Shelton Stroller and the blue abstract dress - all super, super pretty!


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