Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Andy and I spent a couple days up north last weekend.  It was partially a shopping trip (as all our trips are), and partially an excuse to eat at a couple of our favorite places.  (I am still crazed about the lentil crêpe at Patisserie Amie, and have a newfound burrata obsession, thanks to Trattoria Stella.)  I am mainly shopping for the shop during these trips, but sometimes I find treasures of my own.

In three different locations I found these antelope bookends, and old editions of Jude the Obscure and Robert Burns' Poems and Letters.

An illustration from the Burns book.

I also found this crocheted collar.  It doesn't fit the bookish theme--but it sure looks pretty there!



  1. I love finding vintage books, so much fun right!?

  2. that is a pretty little set up. what great finds!!

  3. Oh Karen I am so jealous! You went to my two favorite spots there! Patisserie Amie & Stella.
    It seems like it's been an age since I have been up there, I feel like I used to go so often...
    oh, I think that is called "owning your own business and never wanting to leave town...".

  4. All books should be decorated with pretty crocheted collars! :)

  5. That copy of Burns is gorgeous. Sounds like you had a great trip. The restaurants sound wonderful. You're making me think a Michigan trip would be totally awesome!

  6. I love the carved book ends with the gorgeous book bindings. I think that carved wooden book ends could become a collecting obsession if not kept in check!


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