Thursday, February 9, 2012

shop preview

A peek at what's coming soon to the Etsy shop.  Plaid, jersey, wool, floral and zigzag prints, a flocked dress!, nautical stripes, and ooh la la, satin jacquard!

1940s charcoal wool dress with striped buttons and trim, by Junior Age.

1950s red plaid wool jacket.

1960s brown linen dress with pintuck bodice and Peter Pan collar, by The Art Shirt.

Sage green shetland wool cardigan.

1950s sparkle brocade wiggle cocktail dress with bow.

1950s brown mustard plaid wool skirt, by Barbara Field.

1960s gray jersey dress with contrast stitching and belt, by Jean Lang.

1950s red rose print blouse, by Shapely Classic.

1950s navy voile dress with flocked scrollwork trim and rhinestone buttons, by Kay Windsor.

1960s nautical striped bateau  neck sweater.

1960s zigzag print mod dress, by Leslie Fay.

1940s men's wine satin jacquard dressing gown.



  1. Lovely items. That black cocktail dress is to die for!

  2. That flocked Kay Windsor is a beauty!
    I'm also loving the 1940s wool dress and the mustard plaid skirt.


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