Friday, February 3, 2012

brighton rock

I watched Brighton Rock the other night.  This is the 2010 film adaptation of the Graham Greene novel.  I was excited to see it partly because of the cast--Helen Mirren, John Hurt, and Sam Riley, who was fantastic in Control.  I was also interested because of the setting, which for this film is Brighton in the early 1960s, with the mod and rocker riots as a backdrop.  Well, the movie is okay, not great...but the fashions and setting did not disappoint.  (I apologize--my screencaps are not the best.  But you can click them to see them a bit bigger.)

Black dress with white ruffles on left?  Be mine!

As much as I loved the mod fashions, Helen Mirren has the best wardrobe in the film.  Her character dresses in a style that is alternately demure and bombshell.  She looks fantastic in all of it.

I also became slightly obsessed with this pretty pale yellow confection of a dress.

Gorgeous cinematography.  I could totally see myself visiting English beach towns in the autumn and fall. 

Best shot of the film.



  1. The fashions in this film are amazing!

    Although, I wish Rose walked out wearing the white and black dress instead of the pink one!

  2. I've actually never read the book--that will have to go on my to-do list.


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