Monday, February 20, 2012

shop preview

Happy Washington's birthday!  Only it isn't; his birthday is February 11 or 22 (depending on whether you use the Julian or Gregorian calendar).  Today is actually an excuse for stores to have sales, and a long weekend for some (the US post office is closed today).  Ansel Adams, Anthony Head, Poison Ivy (of the Cramps), Charles Barkley, Patty Hearst, Kurt Cobain, Lili Taylor--all born on this day.

Here's a look at what's coming to the shop this week!

1960s jeweled champagne bubbles dress, by Gino Charles (in the shop).

1970s cream pointelle flower sweater.

1930s pink cherry blossoms dress.

Black beaded Victorian jacket.

Mod paisley taffeta mini dress, by Wendy of London.

1940s dark brown wool skirt with satin-lined panels.

1950s square dance dress with lace bodice.

1970s English lords and ladies blouse.

1960s pumpkin stripe knit dress, by Kate Greenaway.

1950s sweater with rhinestones and pearl beads.

1950s satin brocade dress.



  1. oooh, I love that cherry blossom dress! it would be perfect for spring. :)

  2. That square dance dresss is cuuuuute!

    Happy Birthday Giles! :D


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