Monday, February 6, 2012

black eyelet

I've had a windfall of black eyelet dresses lately--two that fit me!  (That's a windfall in my life.)  This one is my favorite--1950s, full skirt, rhinestone buttons.  It's my favorite dress right now.  I was going to wait until warmer weather to wear it, but...that seemed silly.  So I put on this cute cardigan.  It was so freakishly warm and sunny on Saturday afternoon, I didn't need a coat.

The sun was disturbingly bright.  Colorado, high altitude-style bright.  I know no one will agree with me, but give me an overcast day.  Always.  Normally, Michigan is very good for overcast days.  Okay, I'll stop annoying everyone by complaining about the cheerful, sunny weather now.

We were downtown to see the Rauschenberg exhibit at the GRAM, but we also played some pinball at the Pyramid Scheme, where I had to take some photos of Jeff VandenBerg's great murals.



  1. i love the dress, black eyelet is just the right amount of sweet & sassy.

  2. Black eyelet + full skirt + rhinestone buttons = so very pretty!
    Love your outfit and I'll try not to ramble on again about how much I love those red t-straps of yours! :)


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