Monday, July 25, 2011

they did

My grandmother Edna and grandfather Dan on their wedding day in 1938.  I love Edna's dramatic lace gown, and my PawPaw's awesome Gatsby-esque white pants.

I am not really a "wedding person."  I was never a girl who dreamed of a fairytale wedding, and weddings often seem to me like a whole lot of money and time (and stress) that could be better spent on other things. However, I have been to a couple really lovely, fun, celebratory weddings.  And I do love these wedding photos from my family collection.  If all these folk hadn't tied the knot, I likely wouldn't be here!

Classic Gibson Girl.  My great grandparents (Edna's parents) Mary and William Wahmhoff on their 1896 wedding day.

I don't know whose wedding this 1920s gathering is (that's my grandfather and his amazing hair on the far left).  I adore these tea length gowns with their wispy layers of tulle, the big romantic bouquets, and the hats on the bridesmaids.

Circa 1930s.  My grandmother Edna is second from the left.  This is the wedding of Edna's brother Harry to Madge (center of photo).  Again, loving the men in white pants.  I have the sense from this photo that this wedding was a really great party.  The groom especially looks like he's having a swell time!

My great uncle Charlie and great aunt Bernice on their wedding day in 1950.  I love how genuinely happy they both look.  Tante looks beautiful, and Uncle Charlie's smile says it all.

My parents' 1967 wedding.  They were married at the Basilica of Saint Louis (a.k.a. the Old Cathedral) beneath the Gateway Arch.

My mom's parents were dead by this time, and she had very little money to spend on a wedding.  My paternal grandparents paid for the reception, and my mother made her own veil and the headpieces for her bridesmaids.  Despite the lack of money, my mother looks beautiful and the bridal party has a simple elegance.  Love the daisy bouquets!

Here they are, flanked by my dad's parents Dan and Edna, 29 years after their own wedding, and my mom's aunt Bernice and uncle Charlie, 17 years after theirs.  Mom's little cousin Peggy is the flower girl.  I have many thoughts when I look at this photo.  Like, I need to start wearing gloves.  And also, I would like have Peggy's, Edna's, and my dad's eyeglass frames.  But mostly, how cute my my mom looks here! 



  1. What an incredible selection of pictures - all the brides look soo beautiful! x

  2. I love old wedding photos, and these are great! Wow at having one from 1896! The third reminds me of this photo of my grandma (far right):

  3. Oh, Slu, I *love* that photo--your grandma is beautiful! Gah, those dresses, amazing! Great big bouquets, light-colored pants for men, and floppy hats for the ladies sure seemed to be the thing for weddings of that era.

  4. yes! men should bring back the white pants for weddings, it's very cool!

  5. I cannot stress how LUCKY I think you are to even own these. Precious, precious memories Karen! Love that one of your own parents. I totally see the resemblance!

  6. oh man I LOVE this. the Gibson girl dress. amazing! and can we just talk about little Peggy's hair for a sec....!

  7. These are great photos! You're lucky to have them!

  8. Amazing photos! Thanks for sharing! My brother was just married and they put up pictures from their parents and grandparents weddings in the reception, it was lovely to have those memories with us while celebrating.

  9. Your grandfather has THE most amazing hair ever! Love him and the 1920s gowns.

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful collection. Your parents look far more stylish than mine at their wedding. Imagine 70s brown tuxedo suits and large moustaches and that's my dad! My mum however, was gorgeous in a long and slim lace gown (which I will never fit into because I take after my dad's short side of the family!).

  10. haha! i love that you want their glasses :)
    i think Aunt Peggy is my fav - it's the hairdo!

  11. I love old wedding photos too even though I - like you - never dreamed of a wedding or even getting married for that matter (although, full disclosure, I did get married but it was a tiny, tiny affair). Your mom does look super cute.

  12. oh wow, these are fantastic! thanks for sharing.

  13. Hi,
    your great grandfather, William Wahmhoff, could be my great uncle! There have been stories in my family about an "uncle Willi" who went to the US in late 19th century. Seems that my grandfather (1872/1944) stayed in contact till the early 1930th.
    For messages:
    Greetings from Germany, Andreas Wahmhoff


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