Thursday, July 21, 2011

summer blockbusters

I hope everyone in the steamier parts of the world is managing to keep cool right now.  The forecast where I live shows highs near 90 pretty much every single day into the forecastable future.  Sweltering summer usually means trips to the movies, but the UICA (our single local art theatre) has been moving to a new building and won't be reopening for another week.  That doesn't really matter, though, since the only movie on my radar at the moment is Captain America. Yep, a comic book movie, which I would normally have zero interest in seeing. But my favorite actor who you've never heard of, Richard Armitage, is in it. I've only ever been able to watch Mr. Armitage on my laptop screen, via BBC period pieces and television series.  I'm not going to miss my first chance to see him on the big screen!  (I'm guessing there will likely be some nice examples of 1940s fashion in Captain America, too.)

Here's a preview of what will be coming to the shop this week.

1950s autumn marigold print dress, by The Villager.

1950s flower embroidered drawstring waist blouse.

1960s hot pink clock print shift with rickrack trim, by Shifts Internationale of Miami.

1950s lavender puff sleeve blouse with pleated back, by Macshore Classics.

1960s silk batik print dress, by Johnnye Jr.

1970s peacock embroidered chambray skirt.

1960s vine embroidered linen sheath dress, by John Abbott.

1950s thistle embroidered sleeveless blouse, by Bobbie Brooks (a special listing for Denver's MaxFund no kill animal shelter).

1950s lilac plaid day dress.

1960s lace blouse, by Ship 'n Shore.

1960s rainbow batik print sheath dress with scarf collar, by Geno California.

Old children's sailor suit.

1950s blue and brown check dress, by Pat Perkins.

1960s seersucker swing jacket with bow on the back, by R&KOriginals.

1960s fruit print and giraffe applique tent dress.

1960s button back brushstroke print crepe blouse.

 1950s celadon floral vine print dress.

1960s orange linen sheath dress, by Jonathan Logan.

 1960s deadstock blue plaid dress, by Hattie Leeds.

 1970s calico-trimmed chambray sundress, by Sears.

1940s sheer crinkle chiffon dress with an abstract school of fish print.



  1. holy cow. how cute is that little sailor suit?

  2. favorites: the sailor suit and the little calico trimmed chambray sundress

  3. Ah Mr. Armitage... how I love thee!
    Have you watched the BBC's recent Robin Hood TV series? Apart from the lead Robin Hood guy sporting a fabulous beard (*sigh*) it features Mr. Armitage all broody and in black. I think you'll love it!

    LOVE the lace ship n' shore shirt!


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