Wednesday, July 27, 2011

obsessions and inspirations

Dear Internet, and most especially, Tumblr--
I love you so much!  You let me keep a scrapbook of all my favorite things, and I don't have to mess with scissors, glue, or scrapbooking stores.

Seriously, I remain a hardcore fan of Tumblr since I signed up for an account a few months ago, and my Tumblr blog, alwaysalwaysalwaysthesea, has become my online repository for sources of inspiration and obsession.  I've made a couple collages of images from my July Tumblr-ing--click them to make the images nice and big.

1. pine cone collage (via Cori Kindred's Flickr stream)
2. Dutch paper theater scenery.  Old paper puppet theaters are really cool and were beautifully illustrated. (via 50 Watts)
3. gingham check dress from Roksanda Ilincic's Resort 2012 collection. (via
4. beautiful old book cover (via HoskingIndustries Flickr stream)
5. beautiful young Pete Townshend, in a fair isle sweater vest (via meninsweaters on Tumblr)
6. single malt scotch + a lodge on Jura, an island in the Scottish Hebrides = my dream vacation. (via
7. creepy as all heck, but beautifully filmed and with a stellar cast (David Morrissey, Sean Bean, Andrew Garfield, Maxine Peake) all decked out in 1970s finery.  Screenshot from the Red Riding Trilogy.  Will give you nightmares about Yorkshire policemen--who knew?
8. I do have a thing for Scotland and accordions.  King Creosote (a.k.a. Kenny Anderson) fills the bill.  His gorgeous new album with Jon Hopkins, "Diamond Mine," has been nominated for Britain's Mercury Prize and deserves to win.  Buy it!  (image via Dear Scotland)

1. Richard Armitage.  It's been quite a week for us Armitage fans.  He appeared in his first major Hollywood film, Captain America, and an awesome photo of him as Thorin Oakenshield in next year's Hobbit film was released.  Plus, he's looking quite sexy and fierce in this Project magazine shoot.  (via
2. Speaking of fierce.  This is Danish actor Mads Mikkelson.  He's been in a number of films, but the one I know him from is After the Wedding.  (It's good; watch it on Netflix.)  I really like these photos.  (via brilliantinemortality on Tumblr)
3. photo by Matthew Turley of an A frame shed in Norway. (via mpdrolet on Tumblr, who consistently blogs the most interesting photography)
4. amazing lace halo/headdress (via suz1212's Flickr stream)
5. more fierceness, this time Arya Stark, my favorite character in HBO's Game of Thrones.  Have you seen it?  You really should.  I may re-watch the whole thing again--I can't wait for the next season.  (via
6. an 1839 friendship album with locks of hair sewn into the pages and color drawings of flowers. (via summer turban on Tumblr)



  1. Love your collages! I completely agree, it's so nice to have all of that inspiration in one place. Gosh, I've gotta do that pine cone project with Luke soon, how neat!

  2. I have to admit to quite liking Richard Armitage, as well. I barely recognize him in that photo!

    Such fun photos. Tumblr is so awesome.

  3. Gorgeous pics, I just can't get into Tumblr - should give it another go I guess! x

  4. Tumblr is wonderful! And I love seeing your posts in my dashboard. Especially those Richard ones!

    Have you tried Pinterest yet? Equally addictive!

  5. LOVE tumblr!! i see so many inspiring photos and pictures that i wouldn't otherwise!

  6. It's called Tumblr because it's like falling head over heels into a deep ever-changing rabbit hole which is so intriguing that you never want to leave. And I really love what you find!


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