Monday, July 18, 2011

lazy hazy crazy

Well, not really crazy, and thankfully, not too hazy, just hot.  But lazy, yes.  Nearly all of these photos were taken by me while reclining--either on the floating dock or in a rubber tube, on the lake.  Can't get any lazier than that!

I am not a big sun-seeker (if that's not obvious enough from my skintone).  Give me fog, rain, gray skies--heck, even snow!--any day.  But I have to admit that lying on a floating dock and reading a book on a sunny day can be one of life's more pleasant pursuits.

And floating on an inner tube staring up at the clouds in an otherwise clear blue sky is pretty nice, too.



  1. omg....totally jealous. also? lucy on the lake=beyond adorable.

  2. Love your lil' blackberry toes! Do you live on the lake Karen? lucky you if you do! Lazy or not, I think that pic of you in the shades just might be my fave ever. p.s. I would dog sit for you any ole' day if I lived closer. :)

  3. Looks like heaven - wish I was there! xx

  4. I'm so with you re: weather preferences & pasty skin! but yes reading by the water feels absolutely luxurious... this looks lovely and private too. good times!

  5. Lovely, lazy summer days!
    Sometimes, the heat isn't too bad. :)

  6. I could have really gone for a nice cool body of water today! Totally jealous!

  7. i feel more relaxed just looking at these photos!! so nice!


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