Wednesday, July 20, 2011

fashions from McCall's, May 1935

I promised another blog of 1930s fashion via McCall's magazine, and here it is!  This is from the May 1935 issue of the magazine, just one month after the first McCall's spread I posted about here.  Click the photos to enlarge them.

The May fashion section starts with a spread on accessories.  It's mostly about hosiery, but I love this quote: "Starting at the top with your new hat, you'll probably decide that sanity in style for spring, 1935, doesn't begin in the head!  For new hats are obviously mad.  If you're lucky enough to find a millinery salesgirl with an eye to what is becoming, you may get a delightful hat that doesn't make you look completely weird."

Evening wear.  An emphasis on oversize collars and lace--the center dress is lace, and the black inset dress has a matching lace coat.

Holy ruffles!  But I rather like the ruffled cape on the third from left.  To quote the copy: "Little capes of lace cannot be withstood."  No, they cannot.

Gah!  I'll take the first three dresses on the left, and the last green one.  Loving the use of "air holes" and cape sleeves to help keep the wearer cool.

I know from life experience:  Scotties make the best accessories!  (McCall's doesn't actually say that, but I really think so.)  Amusing sample of fashion godspeak ("if we say it, it is so") in this section: "Dark tunics are more interesting than light ones, and plain tunics smarter than printed."  Oh, okay.  Whatever you say.  I love the plaid peeking out from the dark tunic, and well, really, everything on this page.

Oh, that sweet little blue suit on the right!

I love the nautical navy linen dress, and the gray and red striped one.



  1. a pretty neckline is pretty important!

  2. Woohoo! I love these! Thanks for sharing! Vintage magazines are the best.

  3. Fabulous! Thanks for sharing this beauty!
    Perhaps I just haven't found the right millinery salesgirl yet because I'm always afraid of looking "completely weird" in hats! :D

    Scotties definitely do make the best accessories!

  4. The colors are amazing! And I love the lady with the "white" blond hair in the last couple pics.


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