Thursday, July 14, 2011

summer days....

...drifting away, to oh, those su-hu-mer niiii-iiiights!"  Name that tune.  (I gave pretty obvious clues with my phonetic spelling.)  I'm usually pining for fall by now, but I've been enjoying this summer so far.  We've had some nice days floating on the lake, and though we've had some miserably humid days, we've had some lovely breezy ones, too.  Of course, I'm sure there's lots more heat and humidity to come, which is why I'll be posting my Summer 2011 Survival Guide tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

In the meantime, here's a shop preview for you.

1950s blue gingham shawl collar dress, by Nelly Don.

Cornflower stripe blouse, by Russ.

 1960s patchwork print dress with rickrack trim.

1960s watercolor floral crepe blouse, by Jane Holly.

1950s seersucker sailor dress.

1950s tan shorts, by Sally Togs.  (A special listing for the dogs and cats of Denver's MaxFund no kill animal shelter.)

1960s floral can-can dress.

1950s white cotton blouse with lace applique and bows at the waist, by Sybil.

1950s pale rose silk beaded dress, by Young Viewpoint.

1950s black watch plaid schoolgirl blouse.

1950s cocoa batik print roll neck dress.

1930s cream rayon satin nightgown, by Alida.

1950s Egyptian novelty print sundress with piping trim, by Top Mode Frocks.

Accordion pleat nylon blouse with lace collar.

1960s yellow floral ruffle bodice dress.

Sepia vine print blouse, by Lady Frayne.

1950s sage flower blouse and full skirt outfit, by Beacon Sportswear.

1960s India print dress by L'Aiglon.



  1. Pretty things! It would be perfect if the items I like are actually in my size...

  2. "Tell me more... tell me more..." (I think I'm guessing the song right?!)

    Loving those two floral dresses!


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