Sunday, July 3, 2011

hailee steinfeld for miu miu

Regular readers of this blog will know I don't often post about what designers are doing nowadays.  The clothes are far out of my price range, and I usually find street style fashion (and other bloggers' outfit posts) far more inspiring.  However, I've been posting images from this Hailee Steinfeld shoot for Miu Miu's Fall 2011 campaign on my Tumblr this week, and figured I should mention it on the blog.

These photos--these images and more from the shoot can be found on the Fashion Gone Rogue blog--just kind of have it all.  I loved Hailee Steinfeld in True Grit, and she makes a gorgeous model for these 1940s looks.  Which is another thing I love, the nod to the 1940s.  And the amazing bird print on that dress.  And I might kinda love the oversize bags, though I'm not sure.  I love them in the photos anyway.  Also love the train track setting for some of the photos (which, by the way, were taken by Bruce Weber).  Enjoy!



  1. I always love Miu Miu, that's where all my fantasy designer dollars would go. Everything has an animal print! I am in LOVE with that bird dress and actually that giant clutch in the first picture.

  2. Gorgeous shots! And the first thing that my eye went to was that giant bag in the first shot. Love it!

  3. I was just admiring the sequin bird dress in the latest issue of Vogue! Such a great collection.

  4. they are so awkward, strange, eerie and beautiful. miu miu hooks me every season.


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