Monday, March 29, 2010

one of THOSE weeks

I don't know what it is, but this week it seems like all things (technologically speaking) have been in league against me to keep me from getting done what needs to be done. (If you follow me on Twitter, I apologize: you've been witness to a lot of my computer angst.) All I have further to say on the subject is that this shop preview is only coming to you via the Divine Intervention of Ms. Amanda of RustBeltThreads. Thank you, Amanda! xoxoxo

Now sit back and enjoy the pretty shop preview.

1960s Hawaiian dress with fabulous roll collar and side-tie scarf by Tori Richard.

1950s cheetah print corduroy and cotton rockabilly blouse.

Striped shirtwaist dress by Tanner of North Carolina.

Apricot rose prairie skirt.

Blush pink eyelet lace dress with lace trim and rhinestone buttons.

Bronze, gold, and silver Lurex stripe disco top.

Little Miss Mod Muffet dress. Robin's egg blue with tiered layers of lace at the cuff and collars, and tufted swiss dot pattern!

Black and tan calico blouse.

1950s yellow shirtwaist dress with pintucks and lace.

Queen Anne's Lace pattern blouse.

Striped seersucker shift dress.

Patchwork maxi skirt by Martha Sleeper. (Sleeper was a 1920s silent film actress who moved to Puerto Rico in the late 1940s where she spent the rest of her years creating and selling her clothing line!)

Seersucker grid print scooter dress by Patty Petite.

Red folklore vine print blouse by Blousemaker.

1960s Socialite on Acid: a psychedelic Lilly Pulitzer maxi dress!

1950s polka-dot Egyptian cotton Lady Hathaway blouse styled by Digby Morton.

Plaid sleeveless dress with lace and buttons.

1970s Vera Neumann abstract floral top.

Night Garden linen sheath dress by Johnnye Jr.

Romantic rose and gray floral print blouse with giant Peter Pan collar.

1950s Lilac Smoke lace party dress.



  1. Lots of pretties here! Glad to help :D

  2. love the rose & gray print blouse!

  3. go Amanda! and i think socialite on acid is hilarious :)

  4. starting to think you're manufacturing the amazing mid century dresses in your basement, there are so many ;)

  5. That disco top is amazing! Hope your straighten out your tech problems {blech}!

  6. alexkeller said...

    go Amanda! and i think socialite on acid is hilarious :)
    that "socialite on acid" is probably truer than we may ever want to know...
    I had techno-rotten-*)#)*@!% 2 weeks ago. Fr.ust.tra.ting.

  7. Oh man, these shop updates are a little like my very own crack additiona - can't get enough of these pretty things! That Patchwork maxi skirt is pretty cool (waist looks teeny tiny). That last lace dress is also gorgeous.

  8. Loving the striped shift dress and the rose and gray blouse!

  9. Striped seersucker shift dress is sweet! and also love the last dress and couple more!!

  10. Love the linen sheath- would be perfect for the Big Island!


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