Thursday, March 4, 2010

shaheen prints

Just a few glimpses of things I was digging through yesterday afternoon, which included some Alfred Shaheen maxi dresses with incredible prints in amazing colors.

This mauvey-rose print (which initially made me think "Japanese Weebles") is the very popular Shaheen Japanese Kokeshi doll print. This one is on a wonderful babydoll-style maxi dress.

This Ikat print is also from a maxi dress. The label was removed, but it was with the other Shaheens.

I'm not really a maxi dress kinda girl, but I do love these prints. And the babydoll styling on the Kokeshi print dress is incredibly cute. Wait until you see it!



  1. Very cool prints! Hope you have a fun filled weekend!

  2. Annnnnnnd I'm still waiting! I'm holding my breath! Post them soon or I threaten to pass out!

  3. i'm waiting for you to list them now too - oh my!!!


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