Saturday, March 13, 2010

bright star

I watched Jane Campion's Bright Star last night and thought it was lovely. (Bright Star--for those who don't know, though from what I've read in Blog World, everyone has already seen this film--is the story of the love affair between the poet John Keats and seamstress Fanny Brawne.) The film is visually stunning, but also beautifully tells Keats' and Brawne's story.

Since Fanny is a seamstress, Bright Star is full of Regency era fashion eye candy, not to mention gorgeous scenes in the English countryside (in all seasons) and wonderful interiors. Which brings me to one of my favorite scenes in the movie, this one, in Fanny's bedroom.

We are planning to finally tear up all the nasty old carpeting in our 1960s home this summer. Because we can't afford wood flooring, the plan is to rent a sander, smooth down the floors, and paint them. While we're at it, I'm tempted to paint the walls and floors of our bedroom white and eggshell blue, like those of Fanny's bedroom. Isn't it dreamy?



  1. Well, I have not seen this film yet - but now I must! I vote yes on the peaceful color scheme :-)

  2. i haven't seen this either....but i do love the colors.
    i'm excited about your tearing up your carpet! (i know, i'm weird) i did it in our Chicago bedroom. The floors were only the plywood subfloor, so i just painted it all with white primer and threw down some rugs. i kept meaning to pick a color and never did.
    oh, it's so satisfying to get rid of old yucky carpet - i'd even come help you! but you'd have to let me peek in your garage...

  3. What a lovely photo! I haven't seen this movie but will definitely watch this one!

  4. Alex! Thank you so much for this comment--it gives me more confidence about doing it. I am ridiculously excited about it, too. We have been hemming and hawing over doing this, and now we're just going to go for it. Sure, you can come help! Not only will we let you peek in the garage, but you can help sort through some bags, and I'll make you a nice blueberry gin & tonic! xo


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