Sunday, March 21, 2010

martinis & whipped cream

There are few things I enjoy more than road trips in search of vintage, and eating good food. I am incredibly lucky that the former is a job requirement. So it was easy to know what I wanted for my birthday this year: a road trip up north to search for vintage and eat at some of our favorite restaurants.

Here are some scenes from the trip and peeks at a few finds.

In front of a sadly-not-open antique store with great window displays.

I loved the yellow and orange color scheme.

Andy holding up one of the many pretty dresses I dug up on this trip--a beautiful late 1940s/early 1950s navy rayon crepe and lace dress with a rhinestone embellishment at the neck.

A cute spring hat, which actually doesn't look ridiculous on my giant head, and which I might just keep for myself!

Our new TV table--the top rotates!

Andy at Patisserie Amie, one of our favorite places to eat in Traverse City. He is working on a banana Nutella crêpe we split. Yes, it is just as delicious as it sounds.

And directly after eating said crêpe, I found this.

Adorable rhinestone-bedecked penguin pin that I'm likely keeping.

Not a great photo--it was getting dark--but I loved these winged French bulldogs painted above a shop.

Adhering to the Martinis & Whipped Cream diet meant going back to Patisserie Amie for breakfast again. This was one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten: a cheese omelette with garlic/shallot butter. (Speaking of the most delicious food, we also had one of the best dinners of my life at La Bécasse, a cozy little French place in the middle of northern Michigan's twisty-turny lakes. The food and service were incredible, and I think that only in Michigan does the French chef wear a Spartans hat and come out to chat with all the guests to recommend desserts and discuss college basketball brackets!)

Crazy little red Quasar TV. And that little box-shaped thing on top? It's the remote, shaped like the TV itself! (And you can see the heels of some really cute patent pumps I found, hiding behind the TV.)

Little dog on a cold, cold dock.

Hello from the forest!

I wore these vintage oxfords all weekend. They are the best--so comfortable! I think we have more pairs somewhere. I should put them in the shop.

Lucy is always waiting for us to catch up with her.

She is a very good road tripper.


A handsome man and a pitcher of beer. The photo of Tracy and Hepburn hanging on the wall behind Andy makes me very happy.

I love old advertisements painted on the sides of buildings.

Hope you enjoyed the virtual road trip. I found a lot of great stuff, which you'll be seeing posted here in the blog and on Etsy shortly.



  1. What an awesome trip...loving all the pictures! Also, that I martini's & whipped cream book? Ah-mazing!

  2. Looks like you had a great birthday weekend! Great pics (cool finds as always!) and it looks like it was lovely weather as well. Can't wait to see what else you nabbed on the trip. Happy Monday to ya... I am off for the beginning of the home stretch at my chocolatiering job. Ten days and counting.... then we start working on packing up to head North!

  3. I love going on trips with you :)
    and just make a zillion copies of that diet book and start selling them. I think that diet sounds marvelous! cheers!

  4. yes! I am SO DOWN with that diet. when do we start??

  5. What a fantastic trip, thanks for bringing me along :)

    You find thee best stuff!!! Martinis & whipped cream sounds like a dieters dream come true!

    Can't wait to see the rest of your loot!

  6. I adore your new tv table. And the diet book thing - hilarious! (It is a book, yes, not a poster?).

  7. happiest birthday to you...take a month for KarenFest!
    and I agree, that hat does look fab on you. Keep it!

  8. Love it! Happy birthday! :) :)

  9. Happy birthday!

    Your thrifting trips always look like so much fun! How to you find these awesome places to eat? I usually thrift until I'm exhausted and starving and go to McDonalds out of desperation (I know, ewww).

  10. Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a great time. And the food! Nom! You should totally keep the hat and penguin for yourself, you deserve it. Think of it as birthday gifts for yourself.

    Sarah Louise

  11. Thank you all for the comments and birthday wishes! Diet Update: I weighed myself and neither gained nor lost weight on three days of the M&WC diet. However I did cheat and excercise (which is against the diet's rules). Will keep you updated! ;)

    MariesVintage--I do a lot of Googling pre-trips. Andy and I both like to drink local beer and eat good food, so I look out for those kind of places. It's important to revive yourself with good food and drink while thrifting!

  12. I DID enjoy your virtual road trip!! Now I want to take one, too.
    I have that little Quasar TV in white - and that little TV shaped remote is my favorite thing about it!

  13. I wish The Boy loved to thrift. It looks like you and Andy have such a good time ragpicking together.


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