Sunday, March 7, 2010

spring cleaning

I have begun the agonizing but necessary process of spring cleaning. First stop, my closets, which are filled to the brim with, sadly, too many things I never wear. I've been totally reliant all winter long on the outfit equation of vintage dress + sweater + boots. It was like the ridiculous number of skirts in my closet didn't exist. So when Andy and I decided to go out for tapas last night to celebrate completing phase one of spring cleaning, I wore a long-neglected, just-rediscovered skirt. And shoes--not boots!

Skirt: The Gap
Sweater: vintage 1950s, by Suzy Harper (no idea who she is, but love the name and label)
Tights: Target
Shoes: Aerosole
whiteowl on Etsy

Here's a slightly better photo of that necklace, which I love. I didn't wear my glasses for these photos since I kept getting glare off them. I look like a naked mole rat without them. A dour and frightened naked mole rat. Dour is my natural expression, and guess what, when exhorted to smile it gets worse. The frightened part is no doubt due to my horror of having my photo taken.

More spring cleaning today!



  1. Don't kid yourself, you look fabulous, as per usual.

  2. i love that necklace and you look very sophisticated and on the verge of breaking out into full on spring-wear!

  3. You have to be kidding me. I see no naked mole rats here my dear... although I have to say that it's worth it for you to say such things just for the comedic effects. The Dour Mole Rats..... could be a good band name?

    Is your weather shaping up yet for a switch in wardrobe? Ours still bites down here.... we are supposed to get another big storm tonight.

  4. You looked fab-u-lous, you really know how to put things together - you are a fashion guru!

  5. You ladies are all very kind and warm my heart!

    Bethany, we still have snow on the ground (and it's very possible we'll get more), but we've had something like four or five days straight of sunshine. Which is pretty much a miracle in a Michigan Winter. [And I swear I will be posting the Kokeshi Shaheen soon (hoping to do photos tomorrow) and the others to follow! And I want to hear about your trip!]

  6. I love how the necklace looks like it could be a sweater embellishment and the colors are so pretty with your hair!

    I need to clean out my closet soooo bad and just keep putting it off. Good for you for getting it done!

  7. i never spring for the anti-glare/anti-reflect lenses either (though I may need to as I find myself of late thinking that every damn car on the road at night has its brights on).


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