Friday, March 12, 2010

rainy day woman

We decided to go see the baby capybaras (I love them) at the zoo yesterday. I am not really a big zoo fan--they make me a little sad--but I had to see those capybara babies!

I was excited to see temperatures were supposed to get into the 60s, so I decided to forego tights.

Dress: vintage (and I've had it for at least 15 or 20 years)
Shrug and purse: vintage
Boots: J. Crew

Luckily, I still wore my boots, as it started to rain while were at the zoo. Just a little sprinkle at first, but it then commenced to pour for the rest of the day and until early this morning. (I also switched out the vintage black shrug in this photo for a black cardigan, which was a good move. I'm sorry the photo is blurry. I think it's a combination of using the self-timer and poor lighting.)

I was excited to see the Nessie sculpture from last year's ArtPrize looking so happy in her new home at John Ball Park!

And the ducks, of course.

Once we got inside the zoo we rushed to where they keep the capybaras, only to be told by a zookeeper that the babies were too little yet to be let outside. The local paper got it wrong. (No further comment from me on that.)

I was sad. But we did get to see these fabulous and sort of shy wild boars. (The photo is blurry, but I like it.)

The lack of capybaras meant I hadn't sated my desire for cute, furry mammals, so Andy and I rushed through the rain to the Petting Zoo. Foiled again! It was not yet open for petting, BUT...the goats (which I love!) and sheep were all hanging around. This intrepid guy came out in the drizzle in order to get a back-scratching from Andy.

His friend here seemed a bit bashful and just stood there watching us the whole time.

We gave up on the zoo then, and headed out to do some treasure-hunting, which is really the best thing to do in rainy weather. I loved this old Guerlain lipstick ad.

And I did find a few treasures, which you'll be seeing pretty soon!



  1. I love the dress your wearing! I feel the same way about zoos, but I go to the Buffalo one because it needs all the support it can get. There are a couple capybaras that I love to watch. I just googled "baby capybaras," and my heart just exploded.

  2. That bag brings out the blue in the dress print so perfectly!

    Sorry to hear you missed out on the cute fuzzies :(

    Off to google baby capybaras!

  3. Oh you look great in that dress! And how cute is the goat, awww :)

  4. Love the blurry shot of the boars. Remind me to tell you our wild boar story some time. It's a doozie.


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