Wednesday, March 24, 2010

miss dunstable

I have been slowly working my way through Anthony Trollope's Barsetshire chronicles, and Miss Dunstable, the smart, sharp, outspoken, and charming heiress to the snake oil called the Ointment of Lebanon, has quickly become my favorite character. Here's a great bit about Miss D from Trollope's Doctor Thorne: "Since she had been brought out into the fashionable world some of her instructors in fashion had given her to understand that curls were not the thing. ‘They’ll always pass muster,’ Miss Dunstable had replied, ‘when they are done up with bank-notes.’ It may therefore be presumed that Miss Dunstable had a will of her own."

Love that. I don't really have a segue from Miss Dunstable to today's shop preview, so without further ado, here it is. A mix of items found in our recent travels and a few goodies from last summer's giant estate purchase. Soon to be seen in the Etsy shop!

1950s navy rayon and lace dress by Peg Palmer with rhinestone embellishment.

Seafoam chunky knit henley sweater.

1960s Far East print sundress.

Handmade windowpane check full circle skirt.

Cotton sateen fan print dress.

1960s Morris print blouse by Shapely Classic.

1980s silk puffball print dress by R&K Originals. Big bow at the waist, and narrow, tiered wiggle-style skirt.

1950s blush pink mohair cardigan with floral applique.

1950s blue and green check shirtwaist dress.

Yellow flower print blouse by The Country Shirt.

Watercolor floral maxi dress. The fabric has the neatest, papery feel; it's lightweight and a bit puckered like seersucker.

Flaxen linen blend open cardigan sweater by Blairmoor Original.

Fabulous 1930s black rayon crepe dress with mesh and flames (!) at the neckline. Tiered waist and belt.

1980s flower print high-waisted pencil skirt.

1960s mod sailor-inspired dress by R&K Knits.

Maroon feather print blouse by Alex Colman California.

I know I probably say this every other preview, but here's one of my favorite finds to date. Turquoise satin 1950s party dress by Miss Brooks.



  1. love love love.
    love the mod sailor dress,
    the eastern print dress,
    the chunky seafoam sweater. yay!

  2. karen, you always have the most AMAZING finds! i really LOVE the first dress!

  3. Fantastical finds! Loving the sailor dress!


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