Tuesday, March 2, 2010

more black than ash-buds in the front of march

Spring is supposed to begin this month (on my birthday!), but it's still most decidedly winter here in Michigan. And the spring and summer dresses I've been storing up all winter have been taunting me, so that I just can't help myself--you'll start seeing them in this shop preview.

1950s turquoise and purple floral dress.

1970s oatmeal and green striped sweater.

1960s spring green shift with Parisian café scenes and ruffles!

1950s moss green pleated full skirt.

1960s navy chambray shift with white trim.

1950s aqua gingham dress.

1950s plaid men's shirt by Sandy MacDonald.

1960s celery tweed suit by David Crystal.

1950s lace and tulle crinoline by Lady Lynne.

Lacy ivory sweater.

1970s cobalt blue leather jacket by Wellington Leathers.

Whimsical 1960s cat print blouse.

1980s navy stripe knit dress with asymmetric neckline.

1950s Jo White paisley wiggle dress.

1950s deadstock Campus gabardine shirt.

Deadstock 1950s yellow linen dress by McMullen.

1950s cotton columbine print blouse by Lady Manhattan.

1950s Jo White gray floral print dress.

1960s slate gray leaf print blouse with military styling.

1950s pink Helen Whiting dress.

And oh, why not, spring is coming, and after that, summer: 1950s heraldic dragon print sundress!



  1. I wish the weather was more like true spring instead of winter.... but spring is much closer! whoohoo!! have to take a look at your shop!

  2. you and those awesome leafy prints, your like a magnet for them you saavy vintage lady!

  3. That yellow linen dress is calling my name, I swear :)

  4. "1960s spring green shift with Parisian café scenes and ruffles!" YUM!!!

  5. Oooo that slate grey leaf print is lovely. What size is it? I'm seriously coveting (noticed it ain't on the etsy pg).

  6. Hey Rach! I'm slow and I haven't gotten to listing/measuring it yet, but I will today! xo

  7. Coolio. I'll keep my eyes open for it! Your collections are just amazing, I'm in awe of you guys.


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