Tuesday, April 6, 2010

where i've been

We road-tripped to St. Louis last week for my great uncle's 80th birthday. We met my parents there, and their two very cute and hilarious dogs.

On Saturday I wore one of my favorite dresses, this black and white 1940s dress. I'm all squinty here from the sun.

We didn't get to do much thrifting--we were only there two days--but I have to say, the stops we made were fabulous! Great prices compared to our stores, and I found some fun stuff. We came very close to bringing home this Danish modern-y coffee table.

My cousin Sally was the lucky recipient of this cool bureau/shelving unit for her new apartment.

Our St. Louis thrift booty! That box on the left is an old photographer's lighting set.

I did not buy this squirrel nutcracker, though I really liked his looks.

I did buy this 1954 Lane & Co. duck TV lamp.

We took a trip over to Cherokee Street, near where my mom said her mother used to take her shopping as a child, and where my grandmother also would go dancing at a local ballroom. There were some beautiful buildings and the remains of old stores and businesses along the street.

My very talented cousin Peggy made these adorable and delicious cookies. We had to lock them up before Andy devoured them all.

I also got to have one of my St. Louis favorites, toasted ravioli, while we were there. But I did not get to have any Ted Drewes frozen custard. So I hope we'll be headed back again soon--to see the family, eat Ted Drewes, visit Onesto, the restaurant where my cousin Sally works, and hit some more of the St. Louis thrifts!



  1. wow - that shelving unit is fantastic!

  2. welcome back, lady. you were missed!

  3. Welcome back! I miss STL, the boy is from there and we went for our birthdays last year. Maybe soon we can all rendez-vu there for a thrifting extravaganza and custard-fest.

  4. Great photos - looks like treasure galore!! Welcome back... and I just saw your Blush Pink dress on Etsy front page!! Whoo hoo!! Gorgeous.

  5. love the cool shelving thingie she got. and should i send Andy some sugar cookies?

  6. So great! Your little black and white number looks amazing ;)

  7. Was that a value village in the above photos? If so which one, I am looking for some new furniture and the one I go to here in St. Louis usually doesn't have furniture!!

    BTW - your LBD (little black dress) is a-freakin-dorable!!! :) Glad you had a good time!!

  8. You got it, Alli! According to my cousin, it's a new-ish VV. It's in Fenton. Here's a link to a Google map: http://tinyurl.com/y4d2m32

    Thank you! I've had that dress for ages, just started wearing it, and it's been my go-to for the past couple months. :)

  9. Thanks so much!! I thought it looked like a VV!! :) I have never been to the one in Fenton before, but I will go down there this week!!! Thanks for responding to my comment!!

    I love finding "that" outfit... It is always nice to have at least one thing that makes you feel fabulous... ;)


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