Sunday, September 13, 2009

what's new, pussycat?

Old stuff, that's what!

1960s batik print blouse.

1950s day dress with BIG pockets and a TINY paisley print.

Pleated wool plaid skirt.

1940s black crepe knit dress with fabulous satin rosette belt.

Close-up of bodice so you can see the cute little rosette. The sleeves have elastic bands at the end--are these for keeping your cuffs down when you put on gloves?

Sage Bobbie Brooks wool chenille sweater with teensy seed pearl beads at the collar.

1950s aqua polka-dot cotton dress.

THE BEST skirt! Gray and mustard plaid high-waisted wool pencil skirt.

Fab chartreuse, violet and aqua folklore print dress.

Close-up of the print. The colors on this have bled a bit, but it's still too cute.

Gray plaid blouse.

Wool wiggle dress by McKettrick.

Screenprinted cardigan by Darlene.

To DIE for emerald satin party dress.

Mod daisy Vera tunic.

Paisley print johnny collar dress by Kay Juniors.

Blue plaid Little Women dress.



  1. You seem to have the market cornered on Vera tunics! There is a new one in each batch of stuff you post! You have the market cornered on about everything else as far as I can tell too... :0)

    Hey... do you have the current issue of Gourmet magazine (big green pear on the cover)? If you don't go get it and make the apple pie with cheddar crust. Oh my word is it good!

  2. Lady liked her Vera, for sure!

    No, but I'll try and find it at sounds delish! If only it would cool down here...summer is back in western Michigan.


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