Friday, September 11, 2009

it's the little things

How cute is that? That's my new pincushion, from Etsy seller upthecreek. She makes tiny pincushions from felt and stuff. Truly tiny--they are made with bottlecaps as the base. I love mine. Not only was it very inexpensive, but it has rickrack, and is in one of my favorite color schemes, aqua and red. (It must remind me of childhood trips to K-Mart with my mom and Icees.) It also came with three bonus coordinating pins--how cute are they???

Not that I'll use them. I got this to stick all my mending needles in. The plastic case they were in before drove me nuts. The needles were always getting stuck in it. I am not a hardcore sewer, just an amateur mender.

Here it is after I went all Hellraiser on it with the needles:

And here it is on Lucy's head. Why not?

No no no. Please do not put that on my head. I hate you.

Don't worry. She got a treat after. I may humiliate her sometimes, but she gets paid.



  1. i should try that with Bandit, our black lab. wonder if he'd wear a necklace?

  2. Alex, I for one would love to see that. Unleash Bandit's inner Linda Evangelista! :)


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