Wednesday, September 16, 2009

howdy, cowpokes!

An accessories preview, with boots, belts, and buckles for you cowgirls and cowboys--yee haw!

Blue and gray Justin boots.

Nice and tall, mahogany Larry Mahan boots.

Old, weathered and distressed, black and white cowgirl boots.

Tooled leather mushrooms purse with a cool clasp.

A woven raffia owls bag--so cute!

Nifty mid-century modern print glasses case.

Old Musicians Never Die metal and enamel belt buckle.

Brass Plumbers Do It Better buckle. Hee.

Brass mandala buckle.

Skinny leather belt with braiding.

Saving the best for last: a mustard belt with big, brass sleeping dove buckle.

These should all be hitting the shop this week!

I'm very excited about next week's shop update. It will include several larger-than-XS size (L-XL, maybe some M?) amazing estate sale dresses! Stay tuned.



  1. Love the first pair of boots! So seventies with that tall walking heel! I love the glasses case too!

  2. I'm a country girl for sure, so I'm loving this post tons, Karen! Those tall boots are too good to be true, as are the amazing belt buckles. The sleeping dove reminds me of a Christopher Ross design.

  3. Thanks, Ms. B. That glasses case is too small for my specs; otherwise I'd be keeping it!

    Jessica, I totally thought of you and your fabulous belt buckles when I saw this! I now have 12 different boxes of color-coordinated belts to *try* to match up with belt-less dresses. It was nice to find one that was cool all on its own.

  4. Love the birds! (Owl & dove!)

    And I want to steal your porch! Cute color!

  5. Spanks, Zwzzy! :) The deck is fun now...not sure how I'll be feeling about it in December.

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