Friday, September 18, 2009


I am nightmare walking, psychopath stalking... Just kidding! This post is not about Ice-T or the Crips and Bloods. (*wonders if anyone will get this allusion*)

I took this photo of a bunch of gala apples from the orchard where Andy is working. I love that aqua and red color combination, as I've mentioned before.

And then yesterday, this came.

Isn't it purdy? I was shopping for my best friend's birthday on Etsy (SO MUCH fun!), and when I saw this in
Whimsy House's Etsy shop, I had to have it. Molly makes charming (and very nicely priced) jewelry using vintage buttons. Isn't it fab?

(Please excuse the chipped, grown-out manicure. The color is OPI Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ, for those who care about that sort of thing. It's my favorite red nail polish. I'm on the hunt for a brick red shade. Any suggestions?)

Anyway, back to fun and vibrant color combinations, I was tickled pink last night when Andy served me slices of salted avocado (mmmmmm!) on an orange melmac plate.

Doesn't that rock?

About those apples, I'm going to turn some of them into this on Sunday:

From this month's Bon Appetit,
Rice Puddings with Caramel Gala Apples.

I'll let you know how it turns out.



  1. Yay! for apple recipes and Yay! for cute button rings!

    I just got some crazy good Gala apples at Whole Paycheck yesterday and we chopped them into a (fake) chicken salad with some fennel, mandarin oranges and tarragon. Goood stuff!

    Please share results (and pics) of the pudding! We have been talking about bringing home a slab of the caramel Billy makes for The Chocolatesmith and baking it into an apple pie. Sick!

    Oooooh, have a good weekend. I have to work tomorrow and I am so bummed about it (I normally have Saturdays off.) I request that you have enough fun and/or relaxation for the both of us please!

  2. I am a carnivore who prefers fake chicken salads, and that sounds so good! Mmm--tarragon.

    Hey, I'm working too! Somehow I don't think me taking photos of vintage on my deck in between watching whatever is on TCM or Bravo is exactly what you mean by "working," though. :D I hope the day is kind to you.

  3. Did you take a color theory class in college? I like your appreciation for color combinations! Lovely ring, and . . .I got the allusion. ;)

  4. Jessica, I didn't--but maybe I should have! (There are so many classes I *should* have taken, in retrospect.)

    I am so glad you got it. :D


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