Wednesday, September 2, 2009

he must love me

He made me corn pie!

Of course, I've only been pestering him about it since last week, when
Smitten Kitchen Tweeted the recipe.

And then, of course, the lovely Bethany over at
Full Hook Ups blogged about the corn pie. Which just ramped up my demands for the corn pie. (And by the way, you really should be reading Bethany's blog if you aren't already. She is a great writer, hilariously funny, and posts about all my favorite things: food, travel, vintage. And, well, there's also Rudy. Who I happen to have a massive crush on.)

But back to the corn pie. He not only made the corn pie. He spelled it out on the corn pie.

And yes, it was really good. Really REALLY good. Everyone should make the corn pie. (Or, better yet, have someone make it for you!)



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