Sunday, September 6, 2009

a couple days of fun

It's Labor Day weekend--and I will be laboring for the rest of it! But that is okay, because we just had a couple days of not-COMPLETELY-work-related fun.

As I've mentioned before, it's the 40th anniversary of the installation of Alexander Calder's La Grande Vitesse stabile in Grand Rapids. We went to Meijer Gardens to check out the exhibition about it before it ended. Here's Andy checking out Calder's Deux Discs.

After, we went for drinks at a new-ish place in Grand Rapids' Cherry Hill neighborhood, Corez Wine Bar. Very cute place. I can't wait to eat there; the menu looked great--mix & match charcuterie and cheese, BLT risotto, shellfish stew. We just had drinks (Andy had a Czech black lager, and I had a Negroni. Not many bars in Grand Rapids have Campari--which is weird, since it's not exactly obscure--so I was dorkily excited.) This photo is mainly for my Mom to see me modeling the beautiful crocheted cashmere necklace she bought me (on Etsy, of course!).

We had a fantastic--as always--dinner at Bistro Bella Vita. They had a polenta appetizer special that night that almost killed us with its deliciousness.

Yesterday we headed out on a little thrifting road trip. It's not like we NEED stuff, considering the garage is full, but anyway. We started the day at the wonderful Sweetwater Local Foods Market in Muskegon, where, along with a cooler-ful of jalapeno brats, short ribs, and maple syrup, we got some delicious scones from Earthly Kneads. Mine was lemon and fig.

We spent the whole day out, and found a few treasures, including a great vintage dress that I may keep! I wish I'd photographed more of the items as we went along, but we were too busy hopping back into the truck to head to the next place. But I did snap a shot of this cool vintage globe, which we'll be finding a spot for somewhere in the house.

Our thrift trips are just as much about finding new and exciting places to eat as they are about thrifting. This was our second trip to Muskegon's
Mia & Grace. The concentration on local foods, and the general feeling, remind me of the sadly-now-closed Journeyman's Cafe in Fennville.

The menu is written out on giant strips of kraft paper hung on the wall, along with a list of the farmers and providers they use. It's bright and airy, and I love the work from local artists that is showcased on the walls.

One thing they do that I love is they make their own sodas. I rarely drink soda, but how can you turn down a lavender vanilla, or lemon thyme, soda? I had the lemon thyme this time, and it was delicious--refreshing and not too sweet.

We shared the fried goat cheese salad and buffaloaf sandwich for lunch.

Both were divine. I usually find buffalo burgers very dry. The buffaloaf was moist and delicious, served on homemade rye with homemade ketchup. So good! You can see that we also made a mini-buffaloaf sandwich for Lucy, who was patiently waiting in the car.

We were too full for dessert, but one day I will try the candied bacon ice cream!

Little dog wondering where her treat is.

It was a lot of fun, but now it's back to work! I have a ton of vintage to photograph today, and Andy is off to a flea market. I hope all of you are enjoying your Labor Day weekends!



  1. I'm gonna have the word buffaloaf in my head all day long. Buffaloaf. Buffaloaf. Buffaloaf.

    Lucy is workin' it for the camera. She is a doll.

    And I am glad I am not the only one who posts the "mainly for Mom" pics. I'm in good company here.

  2. ah, so nice that you both have the thrifting bug in common. my dear husband calls it junk. that's okay. more for me! and who cares if your garage is full! you'll kick yourself if you don't get 'it' - whatever that may be! xo


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