Friday, September 25, 2009

scenes from a short thrift trip


  1. little girl - how much for the table? just kidding! i have no where to put it! i do need to take my camera next time i go thrifting, though. what fun!

  2. Hah! Alex, I'm keeping the table. I think we need it for the cable box/stereo/turntable equipment that is currently residing on a very large speaker turned on its side. (Andy, of course, was all: "It's not good wood." Yeah, it's laminate, but I love the shape!)

  3. this looks like so much fun!! can't wait for my cross country road trip! maybe you can give me some pointers!! xo

  4. Michelle, I am so excited for you! If you have time, do some travel off the interstates--that's where you'll find the good, small thrift stores and best places to eat.

    My move wasn't cross-country, but I did it by myself in November, in a truck that was *way* too big for my meager belongings. (Thank god I had smart, resourceful friends in NY who knew how to tie my stuff down so it wouldn't fly all over the place.) It was a little eerie because it was dark when I got here, and hunting season, so I kept seeing blood all over the road in the headlights from deer roadkill. Very Coen brothers.


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