Tuesday, September 1, 2009


There is a funny story about how one of my friends got duped into attending an Amway meeting. (I live in Amway country. Apparently Amway has such a bad rep that they have to be pretty sneaky in the ways they approach potential new Amway sellers. For example, if you get a flyer in your mailbox asking you to attend a neighborhood "Meet and Greet" in which you will "Learn and Discern," don't go. Unless you are interested in selling Amway.) Anyway, the guy heading the meeting asked the room, "Do you like stuff? Raise your hand if you like stuff!" I don't know why, but Andy and I find that hilarious and every now and then you'll catch us replaying that moment (even though we weren't there).

Anyway--here's some stuff! Stuff that's not clothing. Stuff that goes with clothing. They call this stuff: Accessories. (Or shoes.) I call it: Sneak preview of Stuff coming to the shop this week!

White raffia cone hat! By Maison's Washington DC.

Great little velour hat in autumn tones of russet brown, mauve, and pale pink.

Celadon velveteen fascinator hat.

Deadstock with box! Aspen Trail Finders hiking boots.

Deadstock again! Mahogany leather low heel boots.

1960s or 1970s gray suede oxfords.

Beautiful 1940s/1950s suede and leather D'Orsay heels by Tweedies.

1970s wood wedge mary janes.

1960s orange patent flower shoes.

Tooled leather saddle bag purse.

Tiki print mini-suitcase.

The Royal Tenenbaums leather tennis bag, by Land.

Red and black ombre umbrella. Ombrella! For rainy fall days.



  1. I'd seriously consider cutting my toes off to get into those suede pumps. I mean, really?! btw, am happy to take your new leather bag to shoe service for repair if you wanna mail it to me!

  2. Those gray suede oxfords are perfect....please tell me they're not tiny!

  3. 13bees--yep, we'd both have to cut off a fair amount of foot. They're marked size 7A.

    MariesVintage--they're not! It's pretty faded, but I think they're marked 8B.

    Thanks, briannelee and Amanda. :)

  4. Stuff! Who doesn't like stuff? At least, who doesn't like good stuff like this. I'd love those boots if I could squeeze my calves into them (you have a fair amount of foot, I have a fair amount of calf), and the oxfords are gorgeous.


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