Saturday, September 12, 2009

"i love beauty--is not my fault!"

So says legendary designer Valentino, in the documentary Valentino: The Last Emporer, which I watched last night. It's definitely worth watching. The behind-the-scenes fashion stuff is, of course, interesting, as is the relationship between Valentino and his longtime partner Giancarlo Giammetti.

Valentino's pugs get taken for a walk.

But for me, the best parts of the film were the scenes featuring those who work for Valentino behind the scenes. Namely, the team of Italian seamstresses--especially the wonderfully cranky and necessarily particular head seamstress--who actually create Valentino's designs. And the DVD extra that follows Michael Kelly, Valentino's incredibly serene majordomo, as he prepares and runs the Valentino household for huge parties and day-to-day living, whether in NYC, France, or on a ski trip in Gstaad, is incredibly fascinating. I could have watched an entire film about Michael Kelly!

I seem to have more than the usual amount of shop items to get ready this week. So I'll be splitting up the preview into a few posts. Here's what I photographed today.

Stripey 80s boatneck dress.

Sparkly beaded powder blue cardigan.


Marigold full skirt dress.


Art nouveau peacock print skirt.

L'Aiglon shoe print dress. This has an inverted pleat in the front skirt and a scarf tie at the back collar--so cute!


Plaid day dress.

1970s Levi's denim car coat.

1960s does 1920s, mod drop waist sailor girl dress.


Olive and orange tweed pencil skirt--fab pockets!

1960s paisley taffeta dress.

1970s chartreuse and blue Vera folk art print blouse.


And finally, here's what Andy was doing while I was taking photos.

Pretty, huh? We've had enough. No more carpet in the bathroom. Carpet in a bathroom is crazy. Maybe this is the start of the much-discussed, long-dreamed-of, home improvements. Maybe not. Stay tuned!



  1. sounds like a great movie - i'll have to try to see it! love the denim car coat, but i think i already have too many denim jackets! not one like that though..... :)

  2. Sigh..... again, you slay me with the good stuff you have to list. Fabulous. Fabulous. Fabulous.

    Dude... when I was a kid we moved in to this funky 70's house with green shag carpeting in the bathroom and check it out... every few weeks MUSHROOMS would sprout near the edge of the bathtub right out of the carpet. Straight up, real... mushrooms. I was like 6 years old and I thought it was the coolest thing ever... for me it was proof that gnomes were living under the bathtub or something. Of course it for horrific for my Mother and she was engaged in a never ending battle against that creepy ass green shag carpet. So yeah.... carpet in bathrooms? It really is a bizarre thing to do. Even though you have a huge mess in there right now it will be worth it... be sure to post of pic of the finished new flooring!

    Ahhhh Sunday. I should be shooting stuff for my poor, sad, old languishing shop. Cross your fingers for me that I find the energy and inspiration to do it!

  3. Alex--definitely check it out! And be sure to watch the DVD extras.

    Bethany--Bwah! Well, at least the carpet wasn't shag, but that's about the best I can say for it. I'm seriously surprised we didn't have mushrooms. Carpet + occasionally overflowing toilet tank = EVIL. Andy will be attacking what's left today with GooGone and a sander. We have some really nice tile to put down eventually, but neither of us has tile-cutting/laying skills.

    Good luck getting your inspiration and energy, B. You can do it! I'll be watching your shop.


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