Monday, April 1, 2013

black brogues, leather bags, pretty scarves

Need a pair of 1940s black brogues?  I seem to have cornered the market on them!  I've also got some 1920s mary janes, springy sandals and canvas wedges, bohemian leather bags, and bright scarves coming your way.  All these item coming to the shop shortly.

1940s black brogue oxfords.

1970s green canvas wedges, by Wimzees.

1920s double strap mary jane heels, by Martha Washington.

1960s midnight blue buckle loafers.

1940s black brogue oxford heels.

1980s wedge huarache sandals.

1940s black brogue oxfords.

1970s leather purse with painted flowers.

Tooled leather purse from Honduras.

1970s small leather purse with painted flowers.

1960s Vera Neumann yellow floral print sheer chiffon scarf.

1960s abstract print black and white silk scarf.

1970s striped scarf with a retro 1930s resort wear print.

1950s equestrian print scarf, made in Italy by Arturo Galli.



  1. So many fabulous pairs of shoes! And I adore the black and white scarf.

  2. Love the leather sandals, and the 1970s striped scarf, what a lovely combo those two would make!!


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